The Rooftop Prince’s Character Profiles

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Lee Gak by Park Yoochun

1. The Crown Prince of Josen Dynasty from 300 years ago flew to Seoul.
He is an uncommonly handsome man that no one in the world can be compared with him, and
He is sagacious and sharp as a tiger but acts with prudence as a cattle, and
His loneliness is tremendous that… his body and his shadow feel pity for each other.
The Crown Prince Lee Gak, who transported through 300 years and fell in the middle of Seoul in 21st century one day, feels absolutely dumbfounded!
2. He has been broken-hearted since his beloved Crown Princess. On the day he could finally get the full story about the death of Crown Princess, he fell into Seoul in 21st century out of nowhere.

Awful noise, dazzling lights, is it the afterlife…?

Everything is unfamiliar and frightening. Moreover, no one listens even when he shouts “I am the Crown Prince of Joseon!” He just seems as a S.N.O.B who has no ability to maintain his livelihood, is clueless but acts as if he knew everything, is overly sensitive with bed, treats people harshly and says everything in his mind.

As he lives with Park Ha, who takes in Crown Prince’s company with nowhere to go, his cold, frozen emotions starts to wriggle again. Then, he meets Hong Sena, who was reincarnated with the figure of dead Crown Princess. At the same time, he finds out the existence of Yong Taeyong (Missing grandson of President Yeo) who looks exactly like him. He believes he transported the time to find out the death of Crown Princess as destiny. Although he met his longing Crown Princess, he feels uneasy whenever Park Ha is not next to him. He is concerned about Park Ha who would be left alone when he goes back to Joseon.

Lee Gak’s three handsome boys

Song Manbo by Lee Minho

1. He entered through a special employment of the Educational Office for the education of Crown Prince. Rank 6.
He is capable of memorizing all the numbers, writings, and drawings that he sees at once. He guides Crown Prince Lee Gak with proper judgements and wide knowledge. He always seeks a way to get back to Joseon.
2. After he arrived in 21st century, he gets smarter and smarter day after day as he reads all the books related to science, history, arts and others. He, however, makes others feel suffocated due to lack in versatility and sociality.

Do Chisan by Choi Woosik

1. He entered through a special employment of the department of eunuch. Rank 6.
He serves Crown Prince as his hands and feet. He uses petty tricks and he knows worldly wisdom very well.
2. Every place gets noisy when Do Chisan is present. He can communicate with female very well. He sometimes dresses up as a girl and collects information.

Woo Yongsul by Jung Sukwon

1. Rank 6, Ikchan of the department of guards for Crown Prince. He is 6ft tall with muscular body. He is a hot blooded man.
He is the best swordsman in Joseon who is faster than wind.
2. He, who lived saying “Only loyalty! I am Man,” gets to know love when he meets Lady Mimi in 21st century. He is a large but cute adolescent who gets blushed in front of his love.

Park Ha by Han Jimin

A hardworking, innocent, beautiful trader who crisscross markets with a 1-ton truck
Although she went through all sorts of hardships globally in both Korean and the US, she is always full of spirit and optimistic. Although she seems strong, she is weak inside… and weeps in secret.
She is a rider who drives a 1-ton truck with straight hair and cute smile. She gets involved in many small problems due to her scattered thoughts. But, they break no squares to her. She cannot do two things at once. She fell for frauds several times because she makes no doubt of people.
When Park Ha turned four years old, she formed a new family with stepmother and a stepsister as her father remarried. But, she soon became a missing child. Later, she moved to the USA with the adoptive family. She became alone as her stepmother got remarried to an American man. She worked hard dreaming of living happily together with her father, and she became known as ‘the legend of part timer’ in restaurants in New York. She gets butters in the stomach when she speaks English because she learned English through menus. She is a penny pincher that the money which comes into her pocket rarely can go sightseeing outside.
One day, she hears her father’s news and returns to Korea in 20 years. She finds out he had already passed away. Although she does not to whom she resembles, she is a good cook with good taste. Although she does not know a lot due to lack of education, she can skillfully pick food supplies in season and deliver to restaurants. One day, something unbelievable happens in front of her eyes. There is a man with a topknot and using words from historical dramas saying ‘I am Mother, no, Crown Prince of Joseon!’* The Crown Prince is always fastidious, edgy, and furious to Park Ha. Maybe she became attached to this annoying man. She wants to see him when he turns around and thinks about him when she closes her eyes. She even feels empty when she does not get bullied… Now, she cannot imagine the world without him.

Yong Taemoo by Lee Taesung

He looks like a model. Female workers in the company call him ‘fabulous director’ or ‘fashionista.’ Although he is a gentleman with great manners, he has the aura that makes him quite unapproachable. He tried his best to be recognized with his ability after seeing his father Yong Dongman, who lived as second-in-command because he was a child of a concubine. Taemoo was at the head of the whole school when Taeyong was at the top of his class only. Taemoo studied business management when Taeyong left to New York to study art. No matter how hard he tries, he only realises he cannot win her grandson Taeyong.
Although he seems happy, he feels lonely. He tries to be perfect and suffers from lac of affection. He gets shocked when Taeyong, who was thought to be dead in New York, comes back in front of him. Taemoo feels uneasy as Taeyong takes his position. One day, he gets an impression that this man is not the real Taeyong and doubts his true identity.

Hong Sena by Jung Yumi

The stepsister of Park Ha.
She is pretty and attractive; however, she is greedy and seeks for more than what she possesses. She did not like everything from her stepfather to young Park Ha when her mother remarried. Was it because of that reason? She ended up losing Park Ha when she went out with her.
As she became the secretary of President Yeo, she secretly dates with Taemoo, the grandson of President Yeo, exaggerating her educational and family backgrounds. She helps Taemoo, who will succeed President Yeo.

When she thought everything was under her control, her lost sister Park Ha returned. Sena is afraid of being found out for having lied with Park Ha’s appearance. There is a lunatic man who follows her continuously. She feels confused when she finds out that the lunatic man living with Park Ha on rooftop is Taeyong, the missing grandson of President Yeo. Then, will Taeyong succeed President Yeo instead of Taemoo? Sena’s radar begins to face Taeyong instead of Taemoo.


I have never forgotten you even if flowers fell off.
I would like to ask both men and women in this era, who answers ‘YES’ without hesitation to the question “is there an expiry date for love?” How much is ‘the love with expiry date?’ Think before you ask back ‘how can you calculate love?’ You have already calculated your love when you said there is an expiration date for love. Thus, this drama would like to prove there is a timeless love. We would like to tell the ‘uncool’ love story to men and women in these days whose heads react before hearts and who call themselves they are ‘cool’.
I have never forgotten you even if flowers fell off.
The Crown Princess was an old friend and political peer of the Crown Prince, Lee Gak. She was also the only friend inside cold, high walls. Hwayong, who took over younger sister’s place and became the Crown Princess, believed she did not extort but regained what she owned. Buyong, who loved Crown Prince, believed it was love toward king although her eyes and voice said it was love toward a man. He was the only man she must not fall in love: the Crown Prince of Joseon and the man of her older sister… How can her ardent love be considered less than the love in these days? The dislocated love between two sisters toward the Crown Prince, their love does not end even after 300 years and continues as dreadful destiny. In 21st century of Republic of Korea, the Crown Prince riding a white horse and a lady riding a 1-ton truck are facing each other. Will they face their love correctly? The time slip, palace, fantasy, romance is beginning now.

Translated by @dlwpdldhkdlwp.

Source: SBS
Translated by: @dlwpdldhkdlwp
Shared by: JYJ3

Full credit for translation to @dlwpdlwpdhkdlwp on JYJ3

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