Song Seung-heon becomes time-traveling Dr. Jin

Looks like Song Seung-heon is heading to cable with all the other big stars, with the upcoming — get this — fantasy-medical-fusion-sageuk, time-traveling, manga-adapted series titled Time Slip Dr. Jin. Phew, that’s a mouthful.

Time Slip Dr. Jin follows an accomplished doctor, Jin Hyuk, who travels back 150 years to the later Joseon era. He comes from a long line of doctors and is a genius himself, with the distinction of being the youngest ever to be admitted to medical school, the youngest to graduate at the top of his class, and the youngest neuroseurgeon. Ah, so Song Seung-heon’s getting his Brain after all.

Because of his own brilliance, however, Dr. Jin is unable to tolerate mistakes in others, and therefore possesses a cold, severe personality. So, not Dr. Funpants then. Basically he’s Doogie, but with the bedside manner of House.

But! Dr. Jin suffers from love’s wounds, and through a mysterious power, finds himself transported from 2012 to 1860. Once a doctor, always a doctor, and he begins treating people in that time period, but he’s hampered by the rudimentary medical advancements of that era, and has to fashion medical implements and make medicines himself. In the process, he becomes “a genuine doctor.” In other words, he grows a heart to match that brain.

The premise is an adaptation of a Japanese manga that was turned into a drama in 2009 titled JIN. The Japanese version appears to have won a number of accolades, which never hurts. But I’m expecting the Korean version to tweak enough things to make the drama its own thing, and it sure has enough influences to draw upon from K-dramaland already: It’s like Faith meets Brain meets Operation Proposal meets Jejoongwon.

By some accounts, Time Slip Dr. Jin will air on new general-programming cable station Channel A (home of Color of Woman and Bachelor’s Vegetable Store). However, a few stories are treading more cautiously, saying that the production is still considering going with a broadcast station.

Via Yonhap News



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